In the current ever developing world, every company is using a database to determine various aspects of their growth and their customer requirements. Whether it is to adapt to the changing user expectation or to gain a better insight into their customer’s. Companies need all these information to help them develop. The following provides an overview of MongoDB and MySQL and the use of their database that’ll assist you in deciding which one would suit your business better and how it could benefit you.



MongoDB is one of the most famous open source document based database systems. It was developed by 10gen which later changed their name to MongoDB Inc. The documents are created and kept in the binary JSON format which is the javascript object notation so that all the javascript data types are supported. The javascript object notation or JSON enables easy data transfer among various serves and web applications by using human-readable format. It is among the top choices when it comes to speed and storage capacity as it offers excellent performance and readability.  This is one such DB manager which allows the user to change the records structure by merely adding or deleting fields.


The MongoDB is written in C++, C and Javascripture. There are certain key features of this which differentiates it from MySQL such as the auto-sharding of documents, a comprehensive secondary index and various storage engine support which make it ideal for high write loads and location-based data.  Few of the most renowned companies which use this are Expedia, eBay, Gap, CitiGroup and BuzzFeed.


MySQL  –

MySQL is a broad-featured relational database management system or RDBMS which was initially designed and built by MySQL AB and now it is currently owned by The Oracle Corporation. It uses a Structured Query language to access the data and commands such as select, Update, Insert and delete to manage it. It stores all its data in tables which are grouped into a specific database. MySQL allows its user to store similar data in different tables and with the help of join operation its users can avoid the chance of the data being duplicated and also correlate it with other tables to perform queries. One of the best parts of the MySQL is that it is compatible with every type of operating systems such as Linux, iOS, Windows and many others. It also supports various storage systems such as Federated, CSV, Merge, etc.

Unlike the MongoDB, MySQL is written in only two operating languages which are C++ and C. The key features of MySQL are, it offers integrated replication support and different storage engines with various performance strategies which make it different from MySQL. It is commonly used by NASA, US Navy, Walmart, Sony and many more.

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